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Online chess classes were not the most popular option a couple of decades ago, but as the technology grew people started embracing it more and now it is one of the most convenient methods of training for individual classes. Similarly, we believe online group classes are going through a phase change and will be the most common teaching method in the future. The current pandemic has brought this change in a faster pace to the chess community and our mission is to pick and run with it

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Learn from the best of the best. Our coaches are grandmasters in chess and are ready to help you reach your potential!


What Students Say

I have no words to say but infinite love to express

Nimay Agrawal
Group 2

Pro chess is amazing.The classes run very smoothly.The classes are also very interesting at the same time.Coaches are great.Pro chess is one of a kind and I love training.Each week there will be training games on one topic we learned in the week.There are many opportunities to learn at Pro chess.I love it.

Pavan Suresh
Group 1

Excellent platform

Babu Rao

The classes are excellent. We learn not only about playing chess better, but also about chess softwars to aid in training, repertoires, studies, preparation (off the board matters). We are introduced to a vast variety of GMs and IMs, different teaching styles, keeps the sessions interesting. Additionally, annual members get to attend a monthly extra session covering topics like Analysis, Opening Prep, free of cost. My game play has improved. Next target is consistency. Thank you PCT coaches.

Mayur Gondhalekar
Group 2

Pro Chess Training has helped me develop my chess skills in a very fascinating way. Every time I hop into a class I leave with some amazing knowledge. Wonderful coaches, class topics and an absolutely amazing atmosphere. My special thanks to all coaches who helped me tremendously whenever asked for any sort of help! PCT is a wonderful place to build you chess and progress is guaranteed! Thanks to the management once again for this wonderful experience :)

Tanmay R
Group 1

My son Rounaiv Rana 10years old has been part of group 2 training from the very beginning and we have had a wonderful experience. The coaches, material and the platform has been supportive of learning the right way. Ramesh sir, Surya Sir, Swayams sir and other international coaches are all passionately guiding the students and I feel students are lucky to have such a great mix of coaches covering various aspects of the game. Group tournaments and training games add to the practice further. Thank you so much for this amazing learning time!

Rounaiv Rana
Group 3

The PCT training program is excellent. The program is staffed with very high quality coaches (both regarding content and didactics) providing a wide variety of topics within domains (ranging from analysis skills, position types, playing styles, classics, endgames, openings, tournament play, etc..). Sessions not only stimulate students' full immersion during the sessions through their interactive design but also serve as excellent starting point for diving deeper into these topics oneself. The program is therefore suitable for people with more or fewer (as in my case) hours available for chess. The commitment by the core coach team is absolutely infective and their different didactic styles and sharing of broader views on and experience with the game allows not only improve understanding but also give each the opportunity to develop one's own approach to the game (play and preparation). The weekly training-games (with later debrief of the stem game) are a great feature. The PCT organization is professional, responsive, and adaptive. I have yet to play over the board since beginning this program half a year ago so cannot show hard evidence of improvement in analytical skill and performance, but my understanding of the beautiful game has augmented greatly.

Jeroen Struben
Group 3

These GM trainers hold nothing back! Some are clearly more experienced, and therefore better, than others. But every one of them exceeds my expectations during each session. Deep respect for their pedagogical skills! I am returning to chess after nearly fifty years, and enjoying it more than ever. My point is to remind you to do everything you can to churn out future world champions, but don't lose sight of passionate folks in older age brackets who never became, and probably will never become, masters in their lives!

Himanshu Rath
Group 3

I appreciate the concept of Pro Chess Training. In my youth, 40 years ago, I unfortunately never had the help of a coach leading me. I like that my training is structured with the lessons. If I cannot participate the video of the lesson gives me the chance to be on the same level as the class. Training games are an excellent feature of the course that give me the opportunity to play unknown positions and sometimes new structures. Anyway a nice experience to grow.

Group 3

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