Group 2

1400 - 1800

For students rated between 1400 - 1800 (Peak Rating). Classes will focus on topics such as middle game planning, calculation, evaluation and advanced theoretical endgames.


Class video recordings will be available for 2 months for students to watch
Weekends suitable for both Indian and US time zones
Training Games
Players will play set training games with target training positions
Playing among peers is a great way to gain experience



What Students Say

I've been attending Pro Chess for the last for 4 months. Things I enjoyed: The puzzles, because they are fun and difficult in some positions. The teachers, because they use expressions that I understand and would explain things clearly. They also would answer my questions on specific lines. Chessable and Chesslang, I like them because you get straight responses, instead of waiting for the teacher to see the moves. Things that can be improved: Nothing to say here, keep up the good work

Benjamin Nunez
Group 2

The classes are excellent. We learn not only about playing chess better, but also about chess softwars to aid in training, repertoires, studies, preparation (off the board matters). We are introduced to a vast variety of GMs and IMs, different teaching styles, keeps the sessions interesting. Additionally, annual members get to attend a monthly extra session covering topics like Analysis, Opening Prep, free of cost. My game play has improved. Next target is consistency. Thank you PCT coaches.

Mayur Gondhalekar
Group 2

So I felt frustrated. It seemed like I was stumbling through the jungle on my journey to chess improvement, sometimes I would make the right turn and most often I would not. Then I found Pro Chess Training. Now I'm excited and happy, because now I'm on a guided tour with the best tour guides available. Not only are they taking me down the right paths, they make sure I avoid pitfalls. Last week I beat a player ever, rated 603 pts higher than me using what I've learned in 2 12 weeks.

Group 2

I like the format on Pro Chess Training web page. I've completed my 1st month's activity, and I can see the immediate improvement in my game, so can my chess community. And I love how there are many topics provided for the student. How each topic is discussed by a GM. I also, like the mini tournaments for each section during the month. I look forward to next month's chess topics. Thank you for all of the chess learning on this web page.

Bernard Parker
Group 2

Prochess has been really great for my Son, his progress went really nicely with Prochess. All the Teachers and instructors are doing really great and if a Kid follows them up it's for sure going to help him/her. I would ask the instructors to help kids know how to plan their time for the progress to go on. I would also want a more personal touch, like asking kids to switch on the video while at live class.

Aakrit Seth
Group 2

its a great platform to learn form multiple GM but the only thing I found missing is a direction of progress. I am not able to measure my progress and it feels similar to me jumping from one book to another and founding myself nowhere but back to square one. If you could find a solution to this that would be gold. I know there is no one fit solution for this to all. Appreciate your efforts.

Group 2

I went to my first class and I wasn't to sure how this class would help me since I just watched it and didn't participate in the class. I went to play my first game after class and I found myself applying everything I learned to in class that I just simply watched. I slowed down the game. Identified the strategy, and nullified a piece for a solid win. I'm impressed.

Apollo Warnock
Group 2

Pro chess is amazing.The classes run very smoothly.The classes are also very interesting at the same time.Coaches are great.Pro chess is one of a kind and I love training.Each week there will be training games on one topic we learned in the week.There are many opportunities to learn at Pro chess.I love it.

Pavan Suresh
Group 2

we enrolled my son Sridattha almost a year ago when he was at a rating of uscf 1600 plus. he is still at that rating. he is spending time and practicing but has not much improvement please advise what he is missing. We thought he would be close to a 1900-plus rating within a year.

sridattha kukkadapu
Group 2

It's a great platform to learn something you didn't knowand then also apply it while we play the rapid and blitz tournaments

Tejom Patel
Group 2

i hope to reduce the number of games we play (rapid,blitz,etc) and replace it with more classes thank you so much

Nasser Ali
Group 2

pro chess really improved my chess thank you for your grandmaster coaching.

Hriday Garg
Group 2

I love to play chess.I play local matches and online LiChess tournaments.

Group 2

I learned a lot of important things from these classes! Best coaching

Group 2

I have no words to say but infinite love to express

Nimay Agrawal
Group 2

I loved to get coaching by Gm Ganguly.

Ronak Sanghani
Group 2