Our Goal

The one thing that all chess trainers want is for our students to work hard on all areas of the game. Spending an hour or two with a chess coach will not be enough to make real progress, we want them to plug in some real hours to make a difference. Pro Chess Training will provide a solution by guiding our students to add those sheer numbers of hours through our lessons and the curated chess content. On top of the quality chess lessons, we will also keep our students engaged through review assignments, practice games and competitive tournaments. Chess coaches all over the world can use this platform as a supplement to their training and be rest assured that the students are studying/learning and engaged with great chess content.

Our Highlights

Affordable costs

Learning from coaches with varied expertise will help the student gain a universal perspective for the game. It is practically very difficult for students to get this learning environment because of the costs involved. We bring all of them under one roof at an affordable price.

Curated chess lessons for each rating group

It is important to have the right content for the right level, our teaching staff will be curating all teaching material to make sure it is appropriate for that rating level.

World renowned coaches

Our coaching team is an absolute wealth of experience from all over the world, students will gain immensely when they get a chance to learn from us.

Flexible timings

Our classes and activities are available throughout the week, this gives the flexibility for students to pick and choose the things they can do. Our lessons are also available as videos, so students have the ability to watch/re-watch the content and check out the pgn’s from the lessons at their own pace.

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